Spectrum is a laser center that provides an array of treatments including tattoo removal, laser hair removal, teeth whitening and more.  The icon uses the negative space within a crystal to create a “spectrum” of light.  The color scheme is comprised of soothing colors to minimize the idea of pain associated with lasers.

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The theme for this auction was Colorado History. The yearly theme for the Montessori School of Denver was roots. I masked a Colorado mountain evening with the school’s initials and added roots to support both themes.


Art House Painting offers specialty painting and decorating services as well as color consultation. The logo represents a tree using a paintbrush as the trunk. The tree is bursting with a rainbow of colors and depicts the available creative painting styles.


JAC Interiors is an LA-based boutique interior design firm. Using the first letter of each firm member’s name, I created a sleek and contemporary logo that would stand the test of time. I developed the logo by employing basic elements of design with only lines and circles to create each letter. Thin, consistent lines and curves were used to convey elegance and order.  The long, tall character height was used to represent strength and stability.

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All Things Connected is a chiropractic, holistic healthcare and kinesiology practice.  Because the icon is comprised only of concentric circles, it is simplistic and contemporary.  The concentric circle conveys eternity because it has no end or beginning and is always connected.  Layering the circles graphically creates the look of human hands connected above a head.  The icon is also floral in appearance, symbolizing the holistic aspect of the practice.

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A single Sweet Balm leaf us used as the icon for the logo. The fonts used are personable yet professional. The colors used are natural and calming.


Posh Nails is a nail salon in Denver, CO that prides itself on its spa like atmosphere.  The logo is comprised of fingernails arranged like pebbles in a zen garden.  The color are representative of the warm, calm and natural elements of the nail spa.

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C Fitness is a private, boutique-style personal training gym.  The C in the name is the first letter of the owner’s name.  I chose to create a play on the word “see” by incorporating the letter C into a graphic eye.  The eye has movement and strength and represent foresight.


I manipulated the serif on the bottom of the “S” into a column conveying strength and stability as well as representing an element commonly found in court house architecture. Sophisticated colors reinforce the quality and professionalism of the firm.


I combined a tradition symbol for education with a traditional symbol for law. The column represents strength and stability.


Snyder Brothers Energy markets gas supplies to gas companies.  The logo is a graphic sun comprised of gas flames.  The sun represents natural energy, while the blue gas flames are commonly associated with natural gas.


Larimer Sidewalk Arts was a Denver nonprofit organization with the mission of creating outdoor art shows for kids and young adults from families in need.  The icon I created is a depiction of a sidewalk using a large array of playful colors meant to represent the diversity in artists and art available at the shows.


This logo was designed as the identity for a fundraising fashion show benefiting the GLBTC (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Center) of Denver. The theme of the fashion show was Transgender.  The logo illustrates the sexual and human elements of the fashion show theme by exhibiting suggestively parted lips. The Transgender element is represented by one mouth displaying two genders.


Thompson & Company is a classy and stylish hair salon.  The logo is comprised of a classic font.  I was able to convey the edgy quality of the salon by simply rotating the ampersand on its side.


Olson Chiropractic specializes in pediatric chiropractic care. The logo represents a family, its members characterized graphically by a simple circle for the head and a curved line for the spine, both of which are body parts that are commonly associated with chiropractic care.

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The HRM program at La Roche College allows students to develop coaching skills and learn business principles and management techniques. By stacking the human elements, the logo portrays growth, support and organization. The human figures are positive in nature because they are symbolic of stars. The figures are not gender specific which equally appeals to men and women.


Suite Spa is a business built around the idea of spa parties.  The logo was designed to look light and “sweet” with blue bubbles to represent the luxury and indulgence of a pedicure or bubble bath experience, while also depicting the lightness of a cloud.  The white bubbles, which illustrate the dot over the “i”, represent champagne bubbles and general effervesce, invoking the feeling of relaxation and fun.

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I designed the logo for Sweet Box Record Crates in the style of 1960’s and 70’s psychedelic music poster art, when vinyl records were the standard form of music listening.  I also used muted colors that were popular during that time.


Passport Language Services is an interpretation and translation service, providing translations from English to French and French to English.  The logo mimics a passport stamp and was designed to be modified according to the spoken language of the customer. If the customer is French speaking, the Fleur de lis can be placed in the left oval.  If the customer is English speaking, the star can be placed in the left oval.


Rokster Group offers property development, sales and marketing for real estate.  A stylized R is knocked out of a rectangle providing visual interest.  The rectangle is tall and thin resembling the strength and power of a skyscraper.


Vibrance is a cosmetic dentistry practice offering teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental bonding.  The star formation represents light and sparkle.  The gradation from dark to light represents the process of teeth whitening. Using all capital letters exhibits significance amid the contemporary font manipulation.

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Twitching Eye was a film studio focusing on independent and short films.  The logo has an eye superimposed into an old time film countdown.  Old film tended to twitch, therefore reinforcing the name of the studio.  The rough texture of the logo provides the feeling of an independent character.


Est8te Realty is a Nevada based business specializing in high-end properties and offering unique, client focused realty services.  The wings convey flight, forward momentum and optimism.  I choose hues of gold to evoke a high-end presence as well as reflect the Nevada landscape.

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The star burst symbolizes the light cast by a flash during photo shoots and runway shows.  This logo conveys a range of emotions while remaining simple and modern.


I created the Frills Cake Shop logo by knocking out the name of the business from the center of a “frilly” doily, which are traditionally placed under cakes and other sweets.  I chose a mature hue of pink to enhance the “frilly” vibe of the cake shop without invoking an immature feel that can often be associated with pink.